Theta Floating – Koh Phangan

ThetaHealing® Circle in Water

At the 29th of January 2018, I am offering a Healing Circle with the wonderful ThetaHealing® technique in the ocean of the dreamlike island Koh Phangan. Through the telecommunicatinal effect of water, there will be given downloads of feelings and healing impulses for your whole energy system at all levels of your being: body, mind & soul for a new integration. In the water it is possible to work even more intuitively with the beautiful ThetaHealing® technique.

This Healing Circle is giving you the possibility to get to know the ThetaHealing® technique through a special way in connection with the element water.  Find out more about ThetaHealing® here:

Meeting Point is at 3pm at the Zen Beach

Energy exchange depending on your feeling

*This Healingcircle will be held in german.
The next Theta Circle will be in english.

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