Massage & Bodywork


Nourishing our bodies is a main part of well being. Besides healing work for the energetic system, it is important to give ourselves the sensuality we need. Through methods like Thai massage, intuitive massage, kundalini-Reiki and healing work with the human meridians, we can take care of our body system. All bones, bowstrings, organs, meridians, our skin and nervous system are connected to each other and to our mind and soul. Our body is responsible for our overall energy supply. If parts of the body are blocked or if you feel a lack of tenderness and sensuality this is reflected in the blockages in our everyday life, which we experience and feel as disturbing. With the help of massage techniques and bodywork, these energies will be brought back into the energetic flow and blockages as well as tensions will be solved. The self-healing powers of the client will be activated and the organism is brought back into the lead. You can feel more relaxed and well-balanced.