Theta Healing


ThetaHealing® gives you the opportunity on all four levels of existance: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, to do directional changes and to recreate your reality new. Create your own life movie as you have always dreamed of. ThetaHealing® helps you to experience and integrate more lightness, joy, love, happiness and abundance in all areas of your life.

How it works:

The human brain uses different brain waves. So our normal everyday state is in beta while a healer at Reiki uses the alpha wave. The alpha wave is very relaxing and so healing. The Theta wave goes even deeper. In deep states of meditation or trance, the so-called Theta level, a state of deep relaxation, is created.

Since ancient times, shamans and healers have been working with the theta state to communicate with higher levels of being and thus create healing to the client. In the theta level direct contact with the level of the creation can be recorded. ThetaHealing® uses this theta brain wave and the connection to the creation to reprogram the subconscious mind. With ThetaHealing®, it is possible to keep the Theta state, which has not been considered durable for a long time.

Through various methods of communicating with the divine creation, ThetaHealing® allows you to reprogram body, mind and soul. Blocking beliefs can be identified and resolved to create changes in the outer world through inner change.

ThetaHealing® is experienceable for everyone and can lead to rapid changes in all areas of life. To re-establish the connection to the highest truth of divine creation means to get clear answers for one’s life and to give others clear answers so as to provide true support.

The ThetaHealing® can also be used to re-integrate previously experienced feelings. So the ThetaHealing® helps you to release your personal potential and to shape your life here on earth to your personal paradise of your wishes, dreams and visions.

“Live the life you want.” Vianna Stibal

ThetaHealing® was founded in 1995 by Vianna Stibal. After a long journey of self-healing studies, Vianna Stibal succeeded in curing a serious cancer in herself by spontaneous healing. This changed her life and from then on she devoted all her attention to the creation level in order to develop easily teachable healing systems to connect the seven levels of existence with the all-embracing creative power. Her mission is to teach others the experience of unity, in order to enable everyone to re-realize their own creativity. The success of ThetaHealing® is due to the purity of the method. With ThetaHealing®, you learn to integrate all your intuitive senses in everyday life and become one with the highest and best version of yourself. Be the creator of your own life film with ThetaHealing®.

“The subconscious mind determines up to 90% of our experience.”

Connected with the Theta wave, we consciously open ourselves to the highest truth, the source from which everything arises. This can also be referred to as God, Buddha or primeval force. We simply say creation.

Theta Healing is one of the most effective energetic healing methods and is taught by Vianna Stibal worldwide.


The so-called DNA activation awakens the dormant potential of human consciousness. In human DNA (deoxiribonulcic acid) all the information is stored to safeguard our body functions, our genes. Only two strands of DNA, each with 23 chromosome strands, are now active in most people.

The 12 strand DNA activation activates ten further strands of the DNA. Thus the full potential of human is awakened bit by bit. You gain more youth, vitality at all levels of your energy body, as well as your immune system is strengthened. Furthermore, your intuitive abilities are expanded and your connection to higher levels of being and the creation level are newly knotted.